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Our Love For Tea

 At Taste Of Tea we believe that every single blend of tea should be crafted with love and care. That is why we blend each and every tea using only the finest ingredients as well as all natural ingredients. We also carefully roll or shape our whole tea leaves into various sizes and styles depending on the type of tea being produced, then we blend in only the finest ingredients to create a tea that will give you an aromatic scent and a memorable taste that is done right here in our home state of Michigan!  


A little about our mission…

 There’s such a thing as having a love affair with tea, as it was a morning ritual since we were younger. It all starts with a memory, and in wanting to share that memory with others. Starting out as a young entrepreneur in high school was when the thought of creating a company that could help others uncover the teas that defined our lives was initially created, as well as the ability to help and grow my own community. Years later and we’ve been able to taste tea from all around the world, keeping sure to spread our enthusiasm all around the world. 

In the beginning...

It was when I was young that I recognized that tea brought together the people that I loved most within my family and friends. When I grew older I discovered that tea  wasn’t just a tradition in my own family, but it was a tradition in several cultures around the world. It was then, as a young entrepreneur in high school, that the idea of Taste of Tea began to take seed. I knew that I wanted to bring the discovery of new teas to households, as they could then create new memories.  Since then I’ve become determined in building a tea company that would bring people together one cup at a time!

Why we exist...

When looking for a tea, you want something exceptional that will add a sense of ease to your day. They have become an extraordinary part of our day and enjoying a cup of tea has become a ritual that releases our stress. It brings us together and creates memories with those we love. We don’t take such a thing lightly; in fact, we believe that teas are beloved in almost all cultures and should be treated with care. Our teas are specially crafted to reflect this delicate balance and each one comes with its own unique set of blends. Each month we will be sending you four teas, ranging from black tea to oolong tea, to herbal, to fruity teas, and even rooibos teas all of which will create a perfect balance. 

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