Taste Of Tea - Faq

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taste Of Tea?

Taste Of Tea has a passion and knowledge of tea, which we want to share with our members. We source the most unique and exciting types of tea. We aim to be able to both customize a tea experience and give our customer a tea that they might not have access to. To do this we mail different loose tea to our members every month.

When do I pay for my Taste Of Tea membership?

You pay upfront for our subscription specials. Or If you choose a Month-to-Month plan you will be billed on the last day of the month prior to you order shipment.

Can I customize the teas I get or request specific teas each month?

Unfortunately Taste Of Tea doesn't offer the ability to customize the teas customers receive each month. But we have exciting things coming soon to get you more of the tea you love!

When does Taste Of Tea ship?

Taste Of Tea ships all subscriptions, ongoing and gift, on the 10th business day of the month.

What is the last day I can order a membership and still get the next shipment?

The cutoff for getting the next tea box is two business days before the end of the month. Example: Any order between April 1st and the two business days prior to May will get the May 10th tea box.

How much tea do I get each month?

Taste Of Tea sends out approx.  60 grams of tea with each monthly membership. There will be 4 unique teas in each shipment with 15 grams of each tea sent in Eco-friendly resealable pouches. That is enough for 25+ cups!

How can I stop my auto renewals?

All subscription auto renewals can be stopped at any time: Just email us at cancel@tasteoftea.co                      

-Please be aware that if you have already been billed for this months shipment your cancelation request will take effect the next billing cycle.

How much is shipping?

Here at Taste Of Tea, we don't believe in paying for shipping! You will never pay shipping for your orders over $10! This is just our way to say thank you!

Other questions come to mind?

If you have other questions that we haven't answered don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@tasteoftea.co